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Hi, I'm Filip Surowiak

Since I was little motorbikes fascinated me. My journey started when I was 6 years old with a Honda CRF 50cc on kart track.

In 2020 (11 years old) I joined prestigious Mini GP races organized by FAB-Racing in the UK. My debut on the Metrakit 50cc got me 14th place in the general classification for 24 riders in my category.

Year 2021 was a huge step forward for me, as I moved to GP70 class. In 21 races I achieved 17 podiums, including 2 races won, which meant 3rd place In the Championship.

Upcoming season 2022 will be even more exciting - I join British Talent Cup on a genuine MOTO3 bike! Wish me luck!

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My stats

Statistics for 2021 in FAB-Racing

Round 1 - Lydd Kart Circuit


Round 2 - Lydd Kart Circuit


Round 3 - Red Lodge


Round 4 - Clay Pigeon


Round 5 - Rowrah Kart Circuit


Round 6 - Ellough Park Kart Circuit


Round 7 - Llandow Kart Circuit


Podiums: 17 81%

Races completed: 21 100%

Front row starts: 9 42%

Exciting 2022

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Yes! Everybody is welcome! It is not a secret that this sport requires a lot of resources. All our sponsors are a great help to us. We will be happy to cooperate with you too.

Season 2022 will be a big deal to us. We are joining British Talent Cup – one of the most prestigious motorbike racing competitions for young riders in the world.

Every sponsor gets a logo placed on the motorbike and leathers. The British Talent Cup is broadcast on the MotoGP Platform and nationwide television network. We also tag and mention our sponsors in our social media - Facebook and Instagram. We are working on our Tiktok and Twitter - these are coming soon.

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